Components of a cleaning kit

Anyone who owns a gun should have some basic cleaning supplies.  The parts that I consider essential are:

Cleaning rod with patch holders
One with screw on rod sections will allow you to use the same rods for your handguns and long guns.
Cotton patches
Used to run down the bore, etc.  Need different sized patches for different caliber firearms.
Bristle brushes
        Used for the chamber and bore.  One for each caliber.
A stiff toothbrush
        For those hard to reach places and stubborn deposits.
Bore solvent
You'll use this a lot, on patches and brushes.
        To keep your guns running smoothly, moving parts should be lubricated.
Rust protectant
        Primarily used on the exterior of the firearm.

Note that these days, you can buy a single product to do all the jobs of a solvent, lubricant, and rust protectant.  I like and use Break-Free CLP for this purpose.

A kit such as the following, by Kleen Bore, can get you started.  I like to add Break-Free CLP and Tetra Gun Grease to the mix.


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