Clearing a weapon

Note: This procedure will vary somewhat from gun to gun, but the basics are the same for any gun that accepts a magazine.

1. Attempt to place the weapon on safety

I say "attempt" because some guns cannot be cleared when the safety is locked on.  The gun I use in the pictures here is one such example (it's a Browning Hi-Power).  Also, some guns don't have any external safeties (such as Glocks and revolvers).


2. Drop the magazine

Seems fairly obvious.  Note that there is a reason that the magazine is dropped before opening the action: if you are attempting to lock back the slide but you lose your grip and the slide closes, what have you just done?  Loaded a round.


3. Open the action/lock the bolt to the rear

Pull back the slide all the way.  You can either hold it there or engage the slide lock.


4. Look into the chamber

The only way to be sure that your weapon is empty is to actually look into the chamber to see if a round is loaded.


5. Close the action

Ease the slide back forward: it's not a good idea to let the slide slam forward on an empty chamber.


6. Drop the hammer

Pull the trigger.  If you've completed all the above steps correctly, you will get a "click."  (Remember the safety rules.  You don't want a "boom"!)



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