Off-hand (standing) techniques

The off-hand firing position is very challenging.  While standing, you have nothing for support except your own strength, and holding up even a lightweight rifle will tire you quickly.  The rifle and the sights will wobble very noticeably.  Still, this is a very quick to assume position and good accuracy is possible.

Stand, pointing the left side of your body (for a right-hander) toward the target.  Feet should be shoulder width apart.  Raise the rifle, being sure to put the butt in the proper part of your shoulder - the fleshy area just under the collarbone.  Support your non-firing arm against your body; put your elbow against your ribs or hip.  Your left hand should support, rather than grip, the forearm of the rifle.  A slight lean is acceptable to help you balance.

A bit of movement is normal in this position and not much can be done about it.  Remember your breath control and other fundamentals of marksmanship.

Note that when standing, the sling will not provide much added support and is usually not used.


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