Prone techniques

The prone (or, "lying on the ground") position is the most stable rifle firing position.  Firing prone gives you the most possible support and the best possible accuracy.

Place both elbows on the ground, as shown.  Your body should be pointing slightly to the right of the target (for a right-hander).  Bring forward the knee of your right leg as if you are going to crawl.  This will twist your body a bit, so that you aren't laying on your stomach, but rather your side.  This will make it much easier to breathe and will also reduce the up/down movement from your breathing.  Besides these things, remember the principles taught in the last section; namely, the cheek weld, sling support, and pulling the rifle into the pocket of your shoulder.  If you get into position correctly, the prone position gives you an unmatched degree of skeletal support.


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